SOS Santé is an innovative automation technology aiming to decrease medical assistance response time, and customize treatment for road accidents victims.

Shorten Response Time

As the Accident Location is sent directly to the closest Hospital, we ensure 40% shorter response time.

Customize Emergency Care

By sending the passengers' Medical Records to the E.R, we ensure adapted equipment and customized treatment. 

Fully Automated Process

Our System handles all automatically, from the Accident detection, to Communicating with E.R. Centers.


As Emergency dispatch is a slow and bugging process, 65% of road kills and accident caused amputations can be prevented through faster intervention and diagnosis, and personalized first aid for passengers based on medical record.
Our Solution is a composed system of a device and Mobile app, that detects accidents, assesses their gravity, then sends your location, medical record and emergency contacts to closest medical center. Resulting in 40%+ shorter response time, and customized treatment based on patient's blood type, medical allergies and health condition.

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